"We've brought together a truly unique team to guide our clients into the future of experience. We're creating completely new levels of products and experiences, adding value for our partners, and new ways for people to experience the world around them".

Michael Maginnis, CEO

"We've brought together a truly unique team to guide our clients into the future of experience. We're creating completely new levels of products and experiences, adding value for our partners, and new ways for people to experience the world around them".

Michael Maginnis, CEO

Leadership Team

Gigantic Playground was formed by a group of experienced design and tech services entrepreneurs.

We’ve successfully built and sold a digital innovation agency together. We’ve scaled a practice globally together. We have worked on some of the largest brands in the world, creating some of the most innovative products and magical experiences together. But, we are most proud of the connections we have made with our team members and client partners over the years, and look forward to creating many more.

Michael Maginnis

Co-Founder & CEO

Michael is a serial entrepreneur, investor and founder who loves bringing together good people, connecting all the dots, and creating amazing outcomes.
As CEO of Gigantic Playground he leads the overall strategic direction of the agency while being actively involved in the success of our clients and fellow team members. He also guides overall growth, M&A exploration, and product incubation opportunities.

Lindsey Harris

Co-Founder & CXO

Lindsey works closely with clients and internal teams, bringing to life unique and powerful experiences that allow people to feel something in a new way, use something in a better way, and connect in a more memorable way.

Lindsey has designed and shipped products across a broad range of industries for clients such as Disney, American Girl, Levi’s, MAC Cosmetics, L’OREAL, Under Armour, The Grammy’s, and Samsung.

Matthew Morey

Co-Founder & CTO

An accomplished CTO, Matt is driven by the vision of leveraging emerging technologies to make a significant impact on a global scale. He brings to bear a unique blend of technical proficiency, creative thinking, and leadership acumen to turn that vision into reality. Matt has had the opportunity to work with a diverse roster of global clients such as Universal Studios, The Container Store, Mac Cosmetics, and GoPro.

Eric Soto

Partner & SVP, Themed Entertainment

Eric has been architecting technology solutions for over 30 years. His favorite of all is themed entertainment. He’s worked on technology systems for marketing, ecommerce, park architecture, IoT/ride software, and gaming for themed entertainment. A certified Agile Scrum Master, Eric produces solutions using a sliced incremental approach an empowers teams to continuously deliver enhanced experiences for end users.

Our Beliefs

Do good, Be good.


Prototyping over reveals.


Radical collaboration.


Experiences over advertisements. 


Have fun with it. 


Always be curious.