We create next-generation interactive experiences and intelligent technology products.

We're in the business of crafting unforgettable, connected experiences. 

Bringing together the magic of imagination and the power of innovation we shape the next evolution of how we connect with the world around us through experience design, software engineering, emerging technology, and IoT connectivity solutions.

Where imagination meets innovation ⸻

Connected Places

Transform traditional physical spaces into smart, data-driven environments that can respond intelligently to user needs and preferences to create magical, immersive, sustainable experiences.

Interactive Themed Entertainment Experiences
Omni-Channel Brand & Commerce Experiences
Store & Experience of the Future Initiatives
Corporate Experience & Innovation Centers
Entertainment & Event Experiences
Experiential + Technology + Branded Activations
Customer Experience Rapid Innovation

Connected Products

Everyday objects are undergoing a profound transformation. Connected products, infused with IoT and emerging technologies, bridge the gap of physical and digital frontier to enhance our daily experiences in ways that were once the stuff of science fiction.

Mobile & Software Application Products
Voice, Vision & AI Enabled Products
Augmented, Spatial & Mixed Reality Products
R&D Rapid Product Innovation & Prototyping
“Smart” Technology Enabled Products
Wearable Fitness, Sensors & Health Trackers
Connected Car & Home Technology Products

We've been at it for the last 20 years, our collective experience is quite special. 

Companies and brands we’ve collectively had the pleasure of designing and building experiences for over the years:

"A tight-knit, multifaceted team. Hyper-focused on designing what's next and what's useful. Solving business challenges through the union of digital and physical life."

Lindsey Harris, CXO

A tight-knit, multifaceted team. Hyper-focused on designing what's next and what's useful. Solving business challenges through the union of digital and physical life.

Lindsey Harris, CXO

WTF is a connected experience anyway? 


Digital & Physical

Augmented reality, spatial computing, IoT and AI technologies now make it more possible than ever before to create a new way to experience the world around us.


Seamless Ecosystems

Interconnected technology systems seamlessly integrated together with IoT connectivity for more powerful user experiences across multiple touch points.


Interactive & Intelligent

“Smart” data collection, IoT hardware and software, combined with real time interactions allows for personalized experiences.


Immersive Experience

Technology in service of the user, consumer, or guest for a deeper human connection with a service, brand, or experience. 

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