Immersive brand storytelling

Discovering the art within. A generative art display to complement the tasting experience of Force & Grace Wines. As guests trigger the experience with smart bottles, the art within the bottle comes to life on display with tasting notes and AI-generated art videos.

Product innovation

A better customer experience through better technology. One of the original disruptors in the camera industry needed to upgrade its user experience and stay relevant in the camera phone era. Introducing new features that allowed for quick editing and sharing of photos and videos by wirelessly connecting them from the device to phones and computers. Utilizing agile software development and user testing led to strategic product prototypes, resulting in a more connected and seamless experience overall.

Iconic gets connected

An American legacy jean company enhances their customer experience by creating new, connected experiences that bridge creativity and personalization with in-store associate inspiration.

In-store digital experience connect online and in-store shopping to inspire and co-create personalized clothing items on-demand with a mobile application that allow in-store associates to collaborate with other stores, visual new ideas and share with customers for inspiration.

Connected car

Imagine being able to start your car via voice chat or simple push button on your watch? No its not night rider, its all possible with new technologies and cars all working together to create a whole new paradigm of car owner experience.